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Return Policy

In the position of User, pursuant to applicable law, you may cancel and/or revoke your order within a term of 7 business days after the goods have been received. You need not give any reason for cancelling your order and you may do so in writing (an email is sufficient) or by returning the goods. In order to comply with the term allowed for cancelation you only need to send the relevant cancelation or return the product. The cancelation must be sent to:


Company name: CAMILLA DESIGN, S.L.

National Tax Identification Code (NIF): B-63463624

Registered Office: Calle Diputación 202, principal, 08011, Barcelona.

Or the email address “info@monoandme.com”


Please provide sufficient postage for the package in order to avoid any postal surcharges. If the goods are returned damaged or used, the legally allowed amount will be deducted, which may be avoided if the goods are simply examined, as you would do in any shop, and they are returned with no signs of use and in their original packaging. The costs incurred to return the goods shall always be at the expense of the User. If a product is exchanged, the shipping costs for the new product shall be at the expense of the Company.


No goods may be returned that, if any, have been specifically manufactured according to a customer’s specifications or that are clearly adapted to his/her personal requirements or that, due to their qualities, are not suitable to be returned or those that have been used or altered.

The refunds for returned goods will be paid to the same account as from where the original payment was made.



The warranty is subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by law. In the case of faulty goods, we will, as you prefer, either exchange or repair them.

Regarding exchanging products, the shipping costs for the new goods will be at the expense of the Company.

If repairs are not possible or the exchanged goods are also faulty, you will be entitled to return them and receive a refund of the full purchase price, or you may keep the goods with a discount. You will find information about any possible manufacturer’s warranty in the product documents. 

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects. In order to claim the warranty, you can contact us at the address specified in the first paragraph of these General Conditions, or at the email address info@monoandme.com.

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